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The key to every great film is a well crafted script. 



A waitress with a heart of gold uses magic to help her coworkers but she begins to notice that her coworkers fortunes have now become her misfortune.

A lonely scientist builds a lightbulb so bright it opens up a gateway to heaven where he can visit his deceased family members. Problems arise when the electric company notices the high energy consumption.

New Suit is a comedy about a homeless alcoholic, who, after finding a new suit wants to get a job but when the suit becomes dirty and torn he must win the business owners trust to get the job which seems impossible because the vane suit owner is standing in his way.






Dan Liffick is a professional Screenwriter and Documentary Filmmaker who focuses on Murder Mystery and Comedy stories. His recent film, Who Killed Barbara Nantais? is set to debut in 2020 but has already garnered attention from HBO and Discovery Channel. Dan Liffick practiced his screenwriting skills through Full Sail University. His knowledge in Documentary Filmmaking comes from 10+ years of telling stories with a camera. When not working on projects, Dan likes to chill with a wild Pomeranian named Willow. You can find more information about Dan Liffick below:

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