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In today's world, people require uninterrupted access to the internet around the clock, every day of the year. Therefore, when your iPhone fails to connect to the Wi-Fi network situated just down the hall, it can lead to a significant issue.

Blaze Wifi effectively amplifies the signal emanating from your router, enabling you to stay connected to the internet without any disruptions. With Blaze Wifi, you can always remain connected.

Skyrocket Your Internet Speed
& Never Lose Connection Again!
  • 300 Mbps Ultra-Fast Download Speeds

  • Total WiFi Coverage In Every Room

  • Super-Simple 60-Second Setup

  • 4K Stream On Multiple Devices

  • Zero Lag or Dropouts

Blaze Wifi - Dual Antenna WiFi Booster uses next-gen technology to massively boost internet speed and WiFi signals like never before, giving you blistering fast speeds across every room of your house.

What I learned...

We focused on creating content that highlighted the benefits of our product and how it could help people achieve stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi signals throughout their homes.

One challenge we faced was conveying the effectiveness of our Wi-Fi signal booster in a way that was easy to understand. While the product may seem straightforward, there are many technical details that can be difficult for the average person to grasp. Using animation and how-to-videos helped overcome technical gaps to potential customers. 

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