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It's a bit strange now. Looking back at all those years I wore headphones with wires attached to them. It wasn't until I tried the wireless versions that it became evident. 

However wireless earbuds are expensive and easy to lose. We wanted to overcome these obstacles by delivering a wireless ear bud that's affordable and easy to store and locate. 

I worked as the Creative Director behind Tune Buds Pro to help tell the story and bring the earbuds to life. 

  • Features microphones on each earpiece to enjoy the highest quality audio on phone calls.

  • The latest Bluetooth version 5.1 provides the ultimate in reliable connection to your device without draining your battery.

  • Not only does the case keep your earbuds safe and secure, the double duty rechargeable case can also recharge your earbuds.

  • One simple button lets you answer and hang up calls, Play/Pause, call someone back, or skip to previous or next song.

Get World Class Audio Performance with the Last Pair of Earbuds You’ll Ever Need!


What I learned...

Photographing the Tune Buds Pro product was a challenge. The white on white with glossy materials requires no imperfections for the shot to work. The focus is on affinity and showing how it's similar to the all white background. 

Which is why hiring a 3D artist is often the route to go. You're really able to dial in the look and shadows within the 3D application, but we didn't have money for a 3D artist so I needed to get the picture to look close to a 3D model.


The solution is pretty simple once you're traveled this road. We needed a decent light box and a little photoshopping to get the results.

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