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This gadget, Smooth Glide, is known as an epilator. It's basically a motorized tweezing machine that plucks arm, leg and face hair.  

Outside of shaving, there's not a lot of affordable options for hair removal. Sure, there's always the old-fashioned tweezers. But who wants to use those when you could use motorized tweezers!


*This product is not based on a medieval torture device.  

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Get Silky Smooth Skin For Weeks Without Laser or Razors!

  • Smooth Glide is Perfect For Removing Hair From Legs, Face, Armpits & Private Areas

  • Works on the smallest of hairs so you can use it as often as you want

  • Can Be Effective For Up to 6 Weeks of Hair-Free Skin

  • Small & Portable So It’s Perfect For Home Use As Well As Traveling and Camping

Smooth Glide Removes Hair From The Root So It Doesn’t Grow Back Thicker and Take Weeks to Show.

What I learned...

Hair removal is expensive and people are searching for affordable, long-term results. So when it came to content and messaging we made sure to position the Smooth Glide as just that. Affordable and lasts longer than shaving. 

Despite the pain of mechanical tweezers plucking hair from your body, this product did well and was our flagship product for a time. 

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